Corporation Tax

Companies are obliged to pay corporation tax on their profits including capital gains on every accounting year.

Companies must work out their tax bill and pay tax to HMRC nine months and one day after the financial year end, and file a return to HMRC 12 months after the accounting year end to confirm the final tax liability or refund.

Your local tax office will assess the corporation tax return and issue confirmation on your company tax liability.

What we will do:

  • compute your company tax liability and inform you how much tax your company should pay and when;
  • complete your company corporation tax return and submit to HM Revenue and Customs for you; and
  • address any queries that may arise.

Tax Planning

In addition to general tax compliance, we can use our expert knowledge of the tax legislation to help minimise your tax liabilities through specific tax planning and bespoke tax arrangements.  We will review the information you provide, and advise you as to the best  way to realise tax savings.